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One of the first questions that perspective adoptive parents have is what agency to use?  After seeing all of the horror-stories on 20/20 and other media sources, people realize that they have to be careful.  Unfortunately, there are "agencies" out there that do take advantage of people.

This is a page for people to give positive recommendations or not-so-positive warnings about agencies.  To be fair, we ask that members who wish to post a recommendation include a brief description of their experiences along with their names and approximate dates.  If you are a member and you would like to contribute, please email

The Cradle, Illinois (also serves MN).
We used them in 2004.
O'hara family, 2004.

Family Resources, Anoka, MN.
Two (mostly) positive adoption experiences in 2001 and 2002 through this agency.  It is a small operation, but the staff works hard to move things along quickly towards the adoption.
Seth M., 2002.

International Adoption Services, Edina, Minnesota.
We have used IAS as a placement (Russia-1997) and homestudy agency (Russia-1997 and Romania-2000).  We had good experiences with them both times.  I'd be happy to provide further info via email.
Deb Papke, 2002.
We used them for full adoption & social services in 1999, and for social services in 2004.
O'hara family, 1999, 2004.

MAPS, International, Portland, Maine (Have other locations)
We used MAPS (short for Maine Adoption Placement Services) as a placement agency for an adoption from Romania in 2000.  This is a case of excellent service from an agency when everything in Romania did not go as planned but the agency was supportive beyond the norm.  I'd be happy to provide further info via email.
Deb Papke, 2002.

The Russian Liason, CA.
We had a poor experience with this agency.  They strung us along for over a year with false promises, shoddy excuses, and requests for more money.  We strongly discourage people from working with this agency.
Seth M., 2000.

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